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  • 40 Ton Workover Rig

    Contact Now40 Ton Workover RigThe 40t hydraulic workover rig (model: XSJ5291TXJ) is applied to workover operation of 3200m depth oil well (27/8" oil tube). The complete workover rig has good transportability and convenient wellhead butting; the winch is single roller and twin-belt brake which is installed with assistant cylinder; the mast is two-section front open truss n-shape structure; the hydraulic cylinder makes the mast go up or down and stretch out or draw back. The transmission system combines Cummins NTA-855-C310 engine and BY350 hydraulic transmission together. The workover rig is equipped with hydraulic source and instant interface to make wellhead mechanization. The mast’ main jack with sizing block is hydraulic lifting and descending which ensures the mast convenient and reliable. The truck’s control table in the operation room and the after-poppet are equipped with electronic double-display weight indicator, which clearly shows the hook loading weight. When the big hook is lifted to given height, the installed anti-collision device starts to work. When the roller clutch exhausts and the braking booster cylinder work simultaneously, the roller will stop rotating, which can prevent the hook block assembly colliding with the crown block’s bottom millstone.Read More

  • 30 Ton Workover Rig

    Contact Now30 Ton Workover RigBrand "XS" workover rig adopts China grade II chassis produced by Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd., winch, rotary plate, mast and other facilities to realize 2600m (2 7/8 oil tube) depth oil well workover operation.Read More

  • 600m Water Well Drilling Rig

    Contact Now600m Water Well Drilling RigThe drilling rig is using a six_speed truck gearbox,which has push and pull flexible axle gear shifting system, it has wide range rotary table revolution and could suitable for different requirement for drilling arts and crafts.Read More

  • 90 Ton Workover Rig

    Contact Now90 Ton Workover RigXSJ5461TXJ is self-propelled truck-mounted workover/drilling equipment. It has the features of reasonable arrangement, low portability cost, convenient on-site assembling, reliable operation performance, and easy use and maintenance. With the flexible and convenient host machine, this kind of rig can be applied to shallow well drilling (within 1000m), big workover operation and water well drilling.Read More

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