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  • Low-speed Port Tractor Truck

    Contact NowLow-speed Port Tractor TruckLow-speed port tractor is divided into 4x2 drive form. 4 x 2 models are divided into riveting welding frame frame (850) and (1080), diesel and LNG fuel types are divided into two kinds, to lift the saddle can only match 4 x 2 welding frame (1080) model.Suitable for port short-distance transport.Read More

  • Large Goods Tractor Trucks

    Contact NowLarge Goods Tractor TrucksSHACMAN large goods tractor truck assembly MAN F3000 cabin,CUMMINS ISXe 600 30 EURO III engine,Allison 4700PR Hydraulic Automatic Transmission, VG2700-ZF transfer case,ZF8099 steering,13000Kg front axle,16000kg×2 double reduction drive axles,14.00R20 Military off-road radial tyre, special Wheel hub ,high bearing capacity, driving axle for double tyre structure.800L(aluminum)+600L(aluminum) In parallel fueltank, may at any time electric conversion,JOST 90# Double pendulum saddle(the fifth wheel).Train maximum allowable total quality(kg):greater than 1200000,Mature technology, the world quality, strong carrying capacity, made in China.Read More

  • Steel Mills Tractor Truck

    Contact NowSteel Mills Tractor TruckLow-speed Steel Mills Tractor Truck is divided into 4x2, 6x4 form two drivers.4x2 models are divided into riveted frame welding frame (1080) (850), and two, diesel and LNG fuel types are divided into two kinds; 6x4 models only riveted frame (850), diesel and LNG fuel types are divided into two kinds; To lift the saddle can only match 4x2 welding frame (1080) model. Steel mills transport generally use 6x4 driver.Read More

  • Wood Tractor Trucks

    Contact NowWood Tractor TrucksSHACMAN wood tractor truck mainly used in wood transport.It is modified with a dump truck chassis.Dump truck frame, strong compressive strength, bearing capacity is strong, suitable for complex road conditions.Read More

  • All-wheel Drive Tractor Truck

    Contact NowAll-wheel Drive Tractor TruckSHACMAN All-wheel Drive Tractor Truck assembly 336-420Hp WEICHAI/CUMMINS power engine,Engine emission standards:Euro II,III,IV.FAST 12JSD180T transmission,ZQC2000 transfer case,Steyr Axles,380L fueltank.All-wheel Drive Tractor Truck,Climbing ability is strong, good cross-country performance, apply to the complex road conditions, the muddy road, use in desert areas.Read More

  • 4x2 Tractor Truck

    Contact Now4x2 Tractor TruckSHACMAN 4x2 tractor truck assembly F3000/F2000/X3000/M3000 cabin,WEICHAI/CUMMINS power engine,including 240-375Hp engine,MAN/Steyr technology axles,Vehicle used lightweight design, light weight, carrying capacity is strong, high transport efficiency. It is mainly used for port transport and standard load transportation.Read More

  • 6x4 Tractor Truck

    Contact Now6x4 Tractor TruckSHACMAN 6x4 tractor truck assembly MAN F3000/F2000/X3000 cabin,WEICHAI/CUMMINS power engine,including diesel/natrue gas engine.FAST/EATON transmission,HANDE Steyr/MAN technology axles, horsepower including 260-550Hp,Appearance beautiful, comfortable, superior performance, carrying capacity is strong, easy maintenance.Have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions.Read More

  • Right Hand Driver Tractor Truck

    Contact NowRight Hand Driver Tractor TruckSHACMAN Right Hand Driver tractor truck can be optional Can be assembled MAN F3000/X3000/F2000 cabin,drive type:4x2/6x4/6x6/8x4/8x8.can be assembled WEICHAI/CUMMINS power engine,Horsepower including 260-600Hp.Engine emission standards:Euro II,III,IV.The vehicle technology mature, suitable for Right Hand Drive country and region.Read More

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