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  • Chip Spreader

    Contact NowChip SpreaderThis equipment is specially designed to spread aggregate/chips in road construction. There are three models and types optional: SS4000 Self-propelled Chip Spreader, SS3000C Pull-type Chip Spreader and XS3000B Lift-type Chip Spreader.Read More

  • Pavement Maintenance

    Contact NowPavement MaintenanceCold In-Place Recycling (CIR) is an asphalt pavement rehabilitation technique that reduces the life cycle cost of the pavement structure by reusing the existing aggregates and asphalt materials. The cold nature of the process reduces the impact on the environment and preserves energy due to the absence of heat application. Our Cold In-place Recycler was specially designed for CIR pavement rehabilitation. When cold recycling in-situ, the cold recycler mills and granulates the existing pavement material while homogeneously mixing in binding agents and water at the same time. It produces a new construction material mix in just one single machine pass. The Cold recyclers are equipped with powerful milling and mixing rotors and with highly efficient injection systems. This method produces a base layers of high bearing capacity.Read More

  • Chip Sealer

    Contact NowChip SealerThis equipment was specially designed to synchronously spraying asphalt binder and spreading aggregate. It can also separately spray asphalt binder and spread aggregate. Synchronous chip seal allows the asphalt binder and aggregate are brought into contact with the road surface within one second. The adhesive properties of the asphalt binder are at their maximum. The asphalt binder can bind the aggregate much better. It is very suitable to the construction and maintenance of the main road, urban road and rural road.Read More

  • Asphalt Tanker

    Contact NowAsphalt TankerThis equipment was specially designed to transport hot liquid asphalt and other sticky materials in short, middle and long distance. It is equipped with automatic-control heating and heat-preserving system. There are two types available: truck-mounted type (including truck chassis) and trailer-mounted type.Read More

  • Asphalt Distributor

    Contact NowAsphalt DistributorThis equipment was specially designed to accurately distributing/spraying different kinds of asphalt materials, such as hot asphalt, asphalt emulsion, modified asphalt, asphalt rubber, etc. It is mainly composed of truck chassis, insulated asphalt tank, computer-control spraying system, automatic-control heating system, asphalt circulating and pumping system, hot oil heating and circulating system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, operating panel and integrated control unit.Read More

  • Slurry Sealer

    Contact NowSlurry SealerThis equipment was specially designed to preventively maintain the existing pavement and repair the wheel-path ruts. Slurry Seal & Micro-Surfacing is a cold mixing and cold paving system. It is a mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives, properly proportioned, mixed and paved on an existing pavement. This equipment is composed of truck chassis, aggregate hopper, asphalt tank, water tank, filler hopper, additives tank, mixture proportioning system, mixing system, paving and screeding system, hydraulic system, computer-control system, etcRead More

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Pre-sale services:During this stage we provide customers with technical advice free of charge, including introduction of specifications, technical condition, scope of application, quality assurance and after sale services to our customers, providing quality services to assure that our costumers find the vehicles perfect for their needs.

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