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  • Aluminum Oil Tank Trailer

    Contact NowAluminum Oil Tank TrailerEffective volume: 45 cubic meters, aluminum alloy, Security Branch of the + under the WABCO side of the protective material is aluminum alloy, bolted connections; ​After the protective material is aluminum alloy, welded groove of section size 75mm × 150mm off the ground 500mm.Read More

  • 40m³ Oil Tank Trailer

    Contact Now40m³ Oil Tank TrailerThe effective volume: 40m³( cubic meters), the transport medium: ice cream, density: 750 kg / cubic meter. The Wanan + Comet + under the WABCO 150 × 75mm, 530 ground.Read More

  • 45m³ Oil Tank Trailer

    Contact Now45m³ Oil Tank TrailerThe effective volume is 45m³ (cubic meters), the transport medium: 93#gasoline, 97#gasoline, class item number: 3, the density, respectively: 730,740 kg / cubic meter. The optional air suspension, side guards, and ladder in the tank the front or rear. ​The car uses a tractor with a speed limiting device, Wanan + Comet + under the WABCO, high defense from the ground 530.Read More

  • 35m³ Oil Tank Trailer

    Contact Now35m³ Oil Tank TrailerEffective volume of 35m³(cubic meters), the transport media: heptane, hexadiene, class item number: 3, density: 680,690 kg / cubic meter. The optional air suspension, ladder position and lateral protective devices. ABS: WABCO.Defense, defense material for the aluminum alloy side, after the protective cross section size of groove 150 × 75mm higher off the ground 530mm.Read More

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