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  • 3 Ton Straight Arm Crane Truck

    Contact Now3 Ton Straight Arm Crane TruckSHACMAN 3 ton straight arm crane truck used SHACMAN HUAKANG series cabin,assembly 3.5T three arm crane, SHACMAN HUAKANG chassis assembly YC4D130-33 Euro III engine, WLY17D48HF transmission,2.3t front axle,9t rear mature, lightweight fuel-efficient, can assembly 3-5 tons crane´╝îincluding XCMG brand crane.Read More

  • XCMG Truck Crane

    Contact NowXCMG Truck CraneXCMG Truck Crane including straight arm crane and folding arm crane,capacity load 3T to 25T, XCMG crane belongs to the famous brand in the industry.made in China, the world quality.Read More

  • 16 Ton Folding Arm Crane Truck

    Contact Now16 Ton Folding Arm Crane TruckSHACMAN 16 Ton Folding arm crane truck used F2000/F3000/M3000/X3000 cabin,assembly 16T five arm crane, SHACMAN HUAKANG chassis assembly 260-420 Euro II/III/IV engine,FAST transmission,HANDE STR/MAN technology axles,assembly XCMG brand crane.The vehicle technology mature, superior performance, strong bearing capacity, low maintenance rate, high transport efficiency.Read More

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Pre-sale services:During this stage we provide customers with technical advice free of charge, including introduction of specifications, technical condition, scope of application, quality assurance and after sale services to our customers, providing quality services to assure that our costumers find the vehicles perfect for their needs.

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