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  • SHACMAN Tractor Truck
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    SHACMAN Tractor Truck

    SHACMAN tractor truck including X3000/F3000/M3000/F2000/S2000 series.engine power including 240Hp-600Hp,WEICHAI/CUMMINS power.Read More
  • 6x4 Dump Truck
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    6x4 Dump Truck

    SHACMAN 6x4 dump truck mainly used in sand,earthwork,mining,etc.Short-distance transport.Read More
  • U Dump Trailer
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    U Dump Trailer

    This type CIMC U shape dump semi trailer was widely exported to Vietnam over the past year.Read More
  • 3 Axles Container Semi Trailer
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    3 Axles Container Semi Trailer

    Name of Commodity:3 Axle Container semi trailer
    Appearance dimensions (mm):14600×2500×1650
    Curb weight(kg):9000
    Axle/quantity:FW 13T Strengthed Axle x 3
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  • Domestic Lifting System
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    Domestic Lifting System

    China domestic lifting system been made in china,Mature technology, stable quality, low repair rate.Mainly used in dumper. Main model includes Φ198/Φ​220(middle lifting system),Φ​160/Φ​180/Φ​191/Φ​196/Φ​220(front lifting system).​It has been batch export to Vietnam in 2016.Read More
  • DEPPKALER Lifting System
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    DEPPKALER Lifting System

    The hydraulic products design of Germany DeppKaler Co., LTD. it has passed lS09001 and TS16949 quality system certifications.Read More
  • Flatbed Dump Semi-trailer
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    Flatbed Dump Semi-trailer

    This vehicle is tip-back semi-trailer, vehicle includes one removable carrying case. Overall dimensions of the carrying case :8600*2500*1600mm,The carrying case size(internal):8500*2400*1600mm. The side thickness of carrying case 3mm.The carrying case have not bottom and...Read More
  • Container Loader Semi Trailer
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    Container Loader Semi Trailer

    Container loader semi trailer also known as sidelifter,Can complete the container loading and unloading from trailer to trailer.Read More
  • Liquid Asphalt Tanker Semi Trailer
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    Liquid Asphalt Tanker Semi Trailer

    This equipment was specially designed to transport hot liquid asphalt and other sticky materials in short, middle and long distance. It is equipped with automatic-control heating and heat-preserving system. There are two types available: truck-mounted type (including truck...Read More
  • Wing Opening Semi Trailer
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    Wing Opening Semi Trailer

    Wing opening semi trailer also known as wingspan van semi trailer, flying wing, wing. Two kinds of models:Aluminum wing opening van semi trailer and general wing opening van semi trailer.Read More
  • HYVA Lifting System
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    HYVA Lifting System

    HYVA dump truck front roof lifting oil cylinder is the actuators of the dump truck hydraulic lifting system, used for jack-up dump car body or tanks, mainly applied to all kinds of application before lifting equipments, such as 8 * 4 dump truck, half blows, can be widely used...Read More
  • 39m Concrete Pump Truck
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    39m Concrete Pump Truck

    39m Concrete Pump Truck been used SINOTRUK HOWO chassis,drive type:6x4,curb weight:29500Kg.And been used Imports of hydraulic and control system.max. operation radius:34.7m,max. operation height:38.7m, max. operation depth:27m.Superior performance, low failure rate, high...Read More
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