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  • 8x4 Refrigerator Truck
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    8x4 Refrigerator Truck

    This model assembly SHACMAN truck chassis,cargo body used heat preservation material,maximum effective volume:55.34m³.optional domestic and imported refrigeration unit.The vehicle technology mature, light weight, high attendance, low repair rate.Read More
  • 6x2 Refrigerator Truck
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    6x2 Refrigerator Truck

    This model used SHACMAN 6x2 lorry truck chassis,assembly WEICHAI power engine 210-240Hp,FAST transmission,MAN technology axles,M3000 cabin,maximum effective volume:55.34m³,capacity load 15tons to 25tons.Carrying capacity is strong, cost savings, low repair rate.Read More
  • 4x2 Refrigerator Truck
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    4x2 Refrigerator Truck

    SHACMAN HUASHAN 4x2 Refrigerator truck Assembly CA498E32-12 engine,WLY5+1 transmission,XUANDE9 cabin,mainly used in fresh fruits, vegetables, meat products short distance transportation. Vehicle refrigeration heat preservation performance is strong, safe and reliable quality,...Read More
  • Light Lorry Trucks
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    Light Lorry Trucks

    Light Lorry Truck is 4x2 drive type,assembly 90-180Hp power engine(WEICHAI/CUMMINS),FAST gearbox,lightweight fram,mainly used in short-distance transport.cargo body including length 4100-6800mm.Divided into light van truck,light bulk lorry,light fence truck.Read More
  • Lorry Truck Chassis
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    Lorry Truck Chassis

    SHACMAN XUANDE6 light lorry truck assembly TJG191 cabin,WEICHAI power 180Hp engine or CUMMINS 170Hp engine,FAST 6J90T gearbox,front axle 4T,rear exles 10T,Lightweight design, strong carrying capacity, high transport efficiency, easy to maintenance.Read More
  • Desert Off-road Lorry Trucks
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    Desert Off-road Lorry Trucks

    Desert Off-road Lorry Truck assembly MAN technology canbin,WEICHAI/CUMMINS power engine,FAST gearbox,HANDE STR technology axles, ZQC2000 transfer case,drive type including 4x4,6x6.14.00-20 tires.Mainly used in off-road,desert off-road transport.Using military production...Read More
  • MAN Technology Lorry Truck Chassis
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    MAN Technology Lorry Truck Chassis

    SHACMAN MAN Technology Lorry Truck Chassis assembly F2000/F3000 cabin,WEICHAI or CUMMINS power engine, FAST or Eaton transmission,MAN technology axles,the drive type including 6x4,6x6,8x4,8x8.The cargo body including 6000-9500mm,have van truck,fence lorry truck,bulk lorry...Read More
  • Moving Cargo Van Truck
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    Moving Cargo Van Truck

    SHACMAN moving cargo van truck assembly 4 point hydraulic suspension, Air condition, hydraulic suspeded driver seat with seatbelts, one sleeping beds, Hydraulic reversal cabin.WEICHAI POWER engine,FAST gearbox,Eaton φ430 clutch,ZF technology/ZF8098 steering,Steyr/MAN...Read More
  • Commercial Cargo Vans
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    Commercial Cargo Vans

    D’long M3000 LONG-lengthened high-roof cabin,air chair with seatbelts,electrical clerestory,A/C,Double sleep beds, Radio can play MP3 format. 6x2 drive type,240-300hp engine,lightweight design,maily used in highway, standard load transport.Read More
  • Cargo-delivery Van Trucks
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    Cargo-delivery Van Trucks

    This model assembly MAN technology F2000 Lengthened high roof,4 point hydraulic suspension, Air condition, hydraulic suspeded driver seat with seatbelts, one sleeping beds, Hydraulic reversal cab.WEICHAI or CUMMINS engine,FAST or Eaton transmission, Steyr or MAN technology...Read More
  • MAN Technology Van Truck Chassis
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    MAN Technology Van Truck Chassis

    MAN Technology Van Truck Chassis assembly F3000/F2000 lengthened high roof cabin or lenghtened flat roof cabin,mainly drive type including 6x4,6x6,8x4,8x8,10x4.assembly WEICHAI/CUMMINS engine,FAST/Eaton gearbox,MAN or Steyr technology axle, Customers can be modified according...Read More
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Pre-sale services:During this stage we provide customers with technical advice free of charge, including introduction of specifications, technical condition, scope of application, quality assurance and after sale services to our customers, providing quality services to assure that our costumers find the vehicles perfect for their needs.

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